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Get Your Business on Google Maps A Must-Do Marketing Move

If you run a solid local business and your products or services are top quality. So why should you spend time and effort just to get listed on Google Maps? Because nowadays, that little map listing can be the difference between someone finding and buying from you or going to your competitor across town.

Think about how you use maps yourself as a consumer. You’re out running errands and suddenly get a craving for Mexican food. You pull out your phone and scan the map for the nearest, highly-rated taco joint. The places that pop up front and center on that map are going to get your business.

If your restaurant doesn’t show up accurately on Google Maps, you’ll have already lost that sale before the customer could even consider you.

Anatomy of a Standout Google Business Profile

Okay, you’re convinced Google Maps visibility is vital for capturing local customers. But what does an effective Google Business Profile listing actually entail?

First and foremost, Google wants to confirm you’re a legitimate business. So part of the process involves verifying your location and operation:

  • Getting your business name, address, and other facts straight
  • Proving your association with the business (often by postcard or phone call)

Once verified, it’s time to translate your brand into digital form.

Photos that Showcase Your Business

Humans are highly visual. A listing with no images is the virtual equivalent of a sketchy, boarded up storefront. Use your Google profile to showcase high-quality photography that provides an inside look at your:

  • Physical location/storefront
  • Products or service offerings
  • Staff and personnel

The goal is giving customers a clear, accurate preview of your business before they ever set foot inside.

Descriptions that Accurately Explain Your Offerings

Don’t fall into the trap of keyword-stuffing your business description. Write concise yet detailed copy that paints a vivid picture of:

  • What products/services you provide
  • Who your ideal customers are
  • What makes your business unique/special

Imagine explaining your business to a friendly neighborhood newcomer. That is the tone and level of detail you want in your description.

Up-to-Date Details on Operations

This may seem obvious, but ensuring your listing has the correct, regularly updated information on business hours, contact methods, and service areas is critical. Few things drive customers crazier than stopping by a place that’s unexpectedly closed or calling an old disconnected number.

Mastering the Listing is Just Step One

Getting verified with an optimized Google Business Profile listing is a great start but it’s just that, a start. The real work begins in nurturing and fostering that listing overtime by:

Responding to Customer Reviews

You’ll inevitably receive public reviews, both positive and negative, on your Google listing. Respond to all of them. Enthusiastically thanking fans while professionally addressing criticism shows you care about customer feedback.

Posting Updates and Offers

Google gives you the ability to publish posts directly onto your business profile use it. Promote sales, events, new product launches, and other newsfeed worthy updates. It makes your listing feeling fresh and dynamic to users.

Tracking Performance Metrics

Behind the scenes, Google provides data on how customers interact with your listing – query keywords used to find you, customer locations, and more. Use these insights to better understand your audience and optimise your listing accordingly.

The Never-Ending SEO Payoff

Establishing that comprehensive, frequently updated Google Business Profile has significant SEO benefits extending far beyond just Google Maps visibility.

An accurate, fleshed out profile positions you as the definitive local listing for your products/services across all of Google’s search engine result pages. It also encourages Google to display your listing in other contexts like:

  • Featured snippets
  • Local finder results
  • Google Lens recognition of your store/offerings

And that elevated presence on Google means better ranking opportunities for your actual website and organic search performance in your localized market as well.

Make Some Noise on Google Maps

Claiming that prime virtual real estate on Google Maps gives you an upper hand over competitors hiding in obscurity. But an optimized Google Business Profile is about more than just finding yourself on a map.

It’s about clearly broadcasting your business’ offerings and identity to interested local customers in the digital spaces they frequent most. Done right, it makes you the obvious, compelling choice when someone needs what you provide in their neighborhood.

So complete the steps to get listed, but don’t stop there. Be vigilant in improving that profile with fresh visuals, up-to-date details, and an attentive owner’s touch. It’s an ongoing process, but one with tangible payoffs in raising your local digital presence.


At last, showing up front and center on Google Maps is table stakes nowadays. It’s not enough to just have a website or physical retail space, potential customers need to be able to easily find you on those digital maps too.

Take time to claim and optimize your Google Business Profile listing is well worth the investment. It gives you a powerful, ownable piece of online real estate to showcase your brand’s personality, offerings, and superiority over the competition.


Why does Google require verifying my business?
Google wants to confirm businesses are legitimate before showing them on Google Maps and search results. The verification process prevents fake or misleading listings from appearing.

What are Google Posts and why should I use them?
Posts allow you to publish updates, offers, events, and other fresh content directly to your Google Business profile’s feed. This keeps your listing dynamic and interesting for potential customers.

How often should I update my business hours and info?
You should log into your Google account and ensure all your business details like hours of operation, contact information, and any service area notes are 100% current and accurate. Many customers check listings before visiting.

Do I really need to respond to reviews?
Absolutely! Responding to all reviews (positive and negative) shows you value customer feedback and are committed to excellent service. Don’t ignore these – they influence whether prospective visitors decide to check you out.

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