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51+ Must Know Computer Shortcuts to Work Faster And Smarter

Want to save time and be more productive in your computer works? Keyboard shortcut keys are the best technique to work smarter and faster too. In this article we will cover the most useful Windows and Mac shortcuts that every computer user should have memorized.

All these easy and smart shortcut keys can save your alot of time in common tasks which takes more than necessary. Shortcut keys also reduce disruptive context switching between mouse and keyboard. The more shortcuts you build into your muscle memory, the more efficiency gains you will see in your works.

Important Windows Shortcuts

Windows packs a ton of time-saving shortcuts under the hood. Here are some of the most indispensable ones:

Quick Navigation Shortcuts

Alt + Tab – Switch between open windows and programs
Alt + F4 – Close the active window or program

Windows key – Open and close Start menu
Windows + Tab – View open apps with Task View

Ctrl + Shift + Esc – Launch Task Manager to monitor system resources

Text Editing Shortcut Keys

Ctrl + C – Copy selected text or files
Ctrl + V – Paste copied text/files

Ctrl + X – Cut selected text or files

Ctrl + Z – Undo last action

Ctrl + Y – Redo last undone action

Windows and Files Shortcut Keys

Alt + F4 – Close the active window

Alt + Enter – Open file/app properties

Windows + L – Lock your computer

Ctrl + N – Open a new window

Ctrl + W – Close active window

Ctrl + Shift + N – Create a new folder

F2 – Rename selected file

Bonus Tips and Shortcuts

F1 – Launch Help dialog box

Print Screen – Take screenshot of entire screen

Alt + Print Screen – Take screenshot of active window

Ctrl + A – Select all text or files
Ctrl + B – Bold selected text

Ctrl + I – Italicize selected text

See how many seconds these shortcuts could save you? Now let’s look at must-know shortcuts for Mac users…

Handy Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

MacOS also offers a boatload of shortcuts to expedite common actions. Here are some of the most useful to commit to memory:

Navigation and Windows Shortcut Keys

Cmd + Tab – Switch between open apps

Cmd + ` – Cycle between app windows

Cmd + Q – Quit active app

Cmd + M – Minimize window

Cmd + H – Hide app window

Cmd + Shift + 3 – Take screenshot of full screen

Working With Files Shortcuts

Cmd + O – Open a file

Cmd + S – Save current file

Cmd + W – Close active window

Cmd + N – Open a new window

Cmd + Shift + N – Create a new folder

Cmd + Delete – Move file to Trash

Text Editing Shortcuts

Cmd + X – Cut selected text/files

Cmd + C – Copy selected text/files

Cmd + V – Paste copied text/files

Cmd + Z – Undo last action

Cmd + Shift + Z – Redo

Cmd + A – Select all text or files

Cmd + B – Bold selected text

Cmd + I – Italicize selected text

Bonus Actions

Cmd + Space – Launch Spotlight search

Cmd + Tab – Switch between apps

Cmd + ` – Cycle between windows

Ctrl + Cmd + Space – View emojis

Cmd + Shift + 4 – Take screenshot of selection

Ctrl + Cmd + Power – Emergency restart

Pretty slick, right? The more you force yourself to use these shortcuts, the more second nature they’ll become.

Top Browser Shortcuts

Your web browser also packs handy shortcuts to expedite browsing:

Ctrl + T – Open new browser tab

Ctrl + Tab – Cycle through open tabs

Ctrl + W – Close active tab

Ctrl + R – Refresh page

Ctrl + – – Zoom out on page

Ctrl + + – Zoom in on page

Ctrl + F – Launch Find tool to search page

Ctrl + H – Open History menu

Alt + ← – Back one page

Alt + → – Forward one page

Customize Your Own Shortcuts

Most operating systems and programs also allow you to create custom keyboard shortcuts for common actions. So you can use this feature to take benefits of it and create custom Shortkeys for your own need.

For example, in Chrome you can make custom shortcuts like:

  • Ctrl + Shift + B – Open Bookmarks
  • Ctrl + Shift + H – Open History
  • Ctrl + Shift + A – Open Downloads

Se this feature be creative with shortcuts for your most common tasks and menu options.


So, if you master the keyboard shortcuts then it can really increase your productivity and save a lot of time clicking around. Start using more of these easy and handy shortcut keys into your daily workflow.

Challenge yourself to build up shortcut muscle memory over time. You’ll be zipping through tasks at the speed of thought before you know it.

Umm.. Any other useful shortcuts I missed in this article? Please share and comment your favorites shortcut in the comments section.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you view all keyboard shortcuts in an app?

In Windows, press Alt + Shift + / to see available shortcuts. On Mac, check the Help menu of the app, or look under System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts.

Can you create custom keyboard shortcuts?

Yes, most operating systems and programs allow you to assign custom shortcuts under Keyboard Settings. For example, assign Ctrl + Shift + X for any frequent action.

Is there an app to help remember shortcuts?

Apps like CheatSheet (Mac) and ShortcutFoo (Windows) display shortcuts for the active app/window. Also try sticky note reminders.

How long does it take to memorize shortcuts?

It depends on frequency of use. Expect to stumble at first. After a week or two of forced practice, shortcuts should start becoming more habitual.

What are the best shortcuts for increasing typing speed?

Keyboard shortcuts reduce cursor movement which aids typing flow. Useful ones include text selection (Shift + Arrows), cut/copy/paste (Ctrl + X/C/V), enter/exit fields (Tab/Shift + Tab).

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